Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Library Stationery on Martha Stewart Weddings

If you were lucky enough to be lazing on the couch today, munching bonbons and watching Martha Stewart Weddings (I wasn't), you might have caught our Lindsay's stunning save-the-date on TV. Lindsay was just married in Tuscany, and our Stationery Director Linda helped her with all her paperie. Spark letterpress printers created this amazing Passport folder just for them.
Martha and Darcy liked it too. Click the image above for the segment! To see the passport or Lindsay in person, come visit us! Join us on Tuesday, December 8, 6-8pm to learn all there is to know about custom stationery orders and see some of our most exquisite custom suites. RSVP

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mantas Wright Photography Event

We met Dasha and Phil years ago at magazine and book shoots of beautiful still-lifes of weddings we were planning. We were impressed with their subtle styling, quiet professionalism, and, frankly, the way they make our weddings look. Their company, Mantas Wright, tells amazing stories with their images -- the two really understand their art. They also have an understanding of what is needed to create a beautiful and meaningful product.That's why we've asked them to visit with our brides on Tuesday, December 1 from 6-8pm. Phil and Dasha will explain the ins and outs of hiring a wedding photographer. You'll learn what to expect, look for, and understand when making that very important choice. Join us for an open discussion and a great learning experience. RSVP

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Missy McLamb's Wedding Project

Our favorite North Carolina/New York photographer and amazing artist, Missy McLamb, is working on a powerful personal project that she shared with me. She is interested in exploring the symbol of the wedding dress in our culture. She is looking to photograph women who first donned their gown 40, 50, 60, 70, perhaps even 80 years ago.
If you are, or know a woman who still has acess to her wedding dress and would be open to speaking with Missy, please contact her via her website link (above). This is sure to produce some amazing images!