Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Designer Preston Bailey

I saw our friend Preston Bailey at a party the other night and he reminded me of a wedding we worked on together which is one of my favorites. It got a lot of press (including in his own book) but here's an eye-popping image that captures the look.
It's at the now-no-more Peter White Studio in the Starret Lehigh Building but the look would work in any clean, white space.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aquamare: A Wedding Library Caribbean Destination

We were recently invited to partner with Aquamare, an amazing property for weddings in Virgin Gorda owned by our friend Guillermo Paz and his partners. I spent a week on property interviewing floral designers, photographers, local coordinators, hair stylists, massage therapists, bakers and coordinators. I was impressed by what a small island of only 3,500 inhabitants can offer. But I was most impressed by this incredibly luxurious and personal trio of villas and their amenities.

We left the trip with a plan to offer turnkey wedding planning coordination for the property, with all the leg-work complete. Stay tuned for our recommended local vendor information, special excursions, customized services and products designed especially for Aquamare.
Aquamare is nestled on the beach, secluded, and private. Each of the 3 villas is 8,000 square-feet, with 5 bedrooms each. 36 guests can be accommodated on property, with up to 50 more in nearby walking distance in adjacent villas.
Each villa has breathtaking views, and large open living room plans, great for group cocktails or dinners.
From this bedroom terrace you can see the totally private and groomed Beach Park. Ceremonies, dinners,cocktails, barbecues and after-parties for up to 100+ fit perfectly. Aquamare has thought of everything -- the beach is equipped with electricity, water, easy service access and is ready for a tent if the weather requires one. Here's a long shot of the beach park.
A view to Villa I from Villa III.
Here's an overview of the villas' layout.
Town & Country got a sneak peek at the property -- you can read about their thoughts on Aquamare as a destination venue in the current Town & Country Weddings: Fall/Winter 2009.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Darcy Miller Designs

My friend Darcy Miller (Weddings Editorial Director, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia) launched an amazing show of her artwork on Wednesday at the Andy Spade creative space, Partners & Spade. In conjunction with the show, Darcy's put up a web site of her work: Darcy Miller Designs. In the next days I will provide a sneak peek at the preparations for the show, but I know Darcy will be posting and tweeting about it next week. Also, Martha Stewart TV and Martha Stewart Weddings will be covering the show in upcoming issues.

I simply ask, how does she do it?

One talented and busy woman.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hamptons Rehearsal

We recently worked with Kostas from Floralies on a stunning and transformative rehearsal dinner at Savanna's in Southampton. The client was looking for a hot, steamy, tropical feel -- and the restaurant has an all-white, open, airy, beachy atmosphere. Here are some of the tricks we incorporated to achieve the final look.Kostas' team creating a bamboo framework for the escort card table. It was used to "disguise" a reception desk that could not be moved.Driving in from Manhattan, the team unloads exotic plants and all the equipment needed to set up the event.
The paperie was customized at the Wedding Library. Table names echo the dark green of the centerpieces, menu card stock echoed the acid yellow of the orchids, the burnt orange ink matching the alternating table cloth color.We used the covered terrace for half of the guests. Here it is before the set up.
Here's the terrace midway. We expected rain so we had the tent sides down. The draping turned a drab tent into an exotic retreat.
Wedding Library staffers Roey and Laura took a moment to pose before the party began.
Here's the dining room as it's normally set up. Our client had amazing vision to believe it could turn into this super sexy and romantic space.
Here you can see the orange cloths, the menu cards, simple table set up, centerpieces and hand lettered table names.
I am placing these two shots (above and below) together to show what an enormous difference lighting makes. First, they're taken day and night. Second, Kostas provided lighting and draping. Finally, he was genius enough to change all the lightbulbs in the restaurant to a warm amber -- instantly heating the space up, at minimal expense.
The final result. Hot, hot, hot.
Elan Artists provided an amazing Latin band whose music wafted out of the restaurant. As guests approached they heard the salsa beats and were enticed by the red glow of the party.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

twobirds Bridesmaid at the Wedding Library!

We were impressed in 2007 when Ariane Goldman showed us her clever and pretty dress that can be worn 15 different ways. I don't know what took us so long to start carrying them!

Let me count the ways in which it's great: 1. One size fits all, need I say more. 2. Each of your bridesmaids can wear the dress in whatever way they feel comfortable -- and you've still only had to pick out ONE dress. 3. The colors are really pretty. 4. There are matching shawls and ties for your groomsmen -- genius! 5. The material is yummy. 6. The price is great, especially for 15 dresses in one! 7. The web site has mesmerizing video demonstrations on how to tie the dress. 8. NO alterations! 9. There's a clever bandeau that you can purchase separately for those of you who want more coverage. 10. They come in long, too. 11. They don't wrinkle easily. 12. You really can wear them again.... 13. The two birds on the web site are darling. 14. The dress really looks different when tied differently so you won't feel like you're wearing the same dress twice. 15. It's super clever.
4 more reasons it's great....
Here's one more reason -- we're having a twobirds Trunk Show and you'll get an extra 10% off an already great price!
Trunk Show dates: Friday and Saturday, September 25 & 26, 11-6pm. Make your appointment now with or call us at 212.327.0100 Untamed Petals bloom accessories and Gerard Yosca jewels will be on hand!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chateau de Massillan Eye Candy Part 3 of 3

Birgit Israel, owner of the Chateau and Babylon Design in Fulham Road, London, placed unique furniture and accessories in every room of the hotel. Locally sourced antiques are sumptuously upholstered and every piece of furniture perfectly placed. The color scheme is subtle and understated. I took pictures of the shades of lavender (matching the ubiquitous plant of Provence), Gustavian gray, pale peaches, greens and tans. They all blend seamlessly. I wanted to take a photo of every lamp and accessory, but I think you’ll get a sense from these. What a great inspiration for a wedding color scheme!
The simple and ornate balance perfectly in the light and airy hotel.
For those of you who love modern, the mid-century accents and a cool vibe to the interiors.
The international clientele is mostly European -- I met Dutch, French, British and German guests during my stay.
One of the loveliest rooms of the Chateau.
This indoor-outdoor room is open to the courtyard -- sumptuous!
Birgit's color sense is impeccable. This crushed velvet couch is in the most elegant shade of lavender.
Another purple couch in the reception area melds with the beautiful local stone floors and walls. (Who would guess I would fall head-over-heels with purple?)
An interior sitting room is quiet and refined.
The alternate reception room with fireplace would be a perfect after-party spot.
A final view of the gorgeous antiques, colors and styling in the Orangerie.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weddings at Chateau de Massillan Pat 2 of 3

So you've seen the exteriors of the beautiful Chateau de Massillan. Now to the amazing food and wedding offerings.

There are 13 rooms in this gem of a luxury hotel housing up to 29 guests. For 2009/2010 weddings of 40 guests are still available, all bigger weddings (up to 80) are sold-out – you can easily see why. Andreas Schmid (General Manager) and his staff can help you find tents, florists, rentals, cake, entertainment and more. Weddings can be held from April to June and September to early October. More details on pricing can be found here. And Mr. and Mrs. Smith, one of my favorite luxury hotel finder sites, says this about holding a wedding at the hotel.

Note that Vaucluse and the Provence region offer ancient local churches, amazing Roman ruins and plentiful bed and breakfasts for guests to enjoy.

But now for a little tour of the food I tasted -- I give it 5 stars!
Chef and General Manager Andreas Schmid sources all farm fresh local meats, fish and produce, and serves local wines. His international experience as a chef includes: Relais & Chateaux in Canada, a hotel in Oslo, private clients in St. Tropez, eight years in the Black Forest and Berlin in 5 Star hotels and stints in Spain and Denmark. I found the influence of Germany and France most prevalent in my meal – but delicious in any language.
From a guest room window -- the herb garden of the restaurant and pond in the distance.
Olives in a wonderful mercury glass bowl – a simple, impactful presentation.
A selection of Provencal cheeses with a home made berry confiture.
Braised pork with Cotes du Thone and garden herbs. A risotto of potatoes and grilled asparagus. In my case made complete with a glass of Chateau neuf du Pape.
A cured filet of beef “a la gravlax” with Coquille de St. Jaques and a crème fraiche. Perfect when coupled with Cote du Rhone.
Vichy Sois with fresh truffles from the nearby Luberon. I had it with a marvelous regional rose.
An amusee bouche of grilled quail leg on pickled onions.
Local liqueurs and wines abound.
For a wedding Andreas suggests a 6-course menu with beverage by consumption. All meat in organic, the fish controlled and 80% of the seasonal produce organic. As the Chateau is perfect for a weekend event, Andreas recommends a casual dinner or barbecue with lobster and steaks for the Friday evening meal; a meal similar to the one I tasted for the wedding and standard hotel breakfasts for guests. The Chateau is perfect for the foodie with the highest standards for regionality and freshness.

Don't take my word for it, here what Luxury Explorer has to say about the Chateau.