Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hamptons Rehearsal

We recently worked with Kostas from Floralies on a stunning and transformative rehearsal dinner at Savanna's in Southampton. The client was looking for a hot, steamy, tropical feel -- and the restaurant has an all-white, open, airy, beachy atmosphere. Here are some of the tricks we incorporated to achieve the final look.Kostas' team creating a bamboo framework for the escort card table. It was used to "disguise" a reception desk that could not be moved.Driving in from Manhattan, the team unloads exotic plants and all the equipment needed to set up the event.
The paperie was customized at the Wedding Library. Table names echo the dark green of the centerpieces, menu card stock echoed the acid yellow of the orchids, the burnt orange ink matching the alternating table cloth color.We used the covered terrace for half of the guests. Here it is before the set up.
Here's the terrace midway. We expected rain so we had the tent sides down. The draping turned a drab tent into an exotic retreat.
Wedding Library staffers Roey and Laura took a moment to pose before the party began.
Here's the dining room as it's normally set up. Our client had amazing vision to believe it could turn into this super sexy and romantic space.
Here you can see the orange cloths, the menu cards, simple table set up, centerpieces and hand lettered table names.
I am placing these two shots (above and below) together to show what an enormous difference lighting makes. First, they're taken day and night. Second, Kostas provided lighting and draping. Finally, he was genius enough to change all the lightbulbs in the restaurant to a warm amber -- instantly heating the space up, at minimal expense.
The final result. Hot, hot, hot.
Elan Artists provided an amazing Latin band whose music wafted out of the restaurant. As guests approached they heard the salsa beats and were enticed by the red glow of the party.


Chris said...

I usually refrain from posting on blogs, but I must confess that this was one of the greatest parties I have ever attended. The Wedding Library was responsible for transforming a dull setting into a magnificent and alluring destination. Thanks for all of your hard work.

-The Best Man

Jim said...

As I mentioned in my welcoming comments that evening, we could not possibly have hosted The Night Before...Welcoming Dinner Party without all of the planning, support and execution provided by Claudia Hanlin and her team at the Wedding Library, and Kosta and his amazing designers from Floralies. This was even more important to us in that we live over 3,000 miles from the venue! Everything about the event surpassed even our wildest expectations and the original vision that we had for the party. And we have received nothing but superlative feedback comments from all of the guests ("Best Rehearsal Dinner Ever!")

Thanks again for everything Claudia and Kosta!

Ginny & Jim - Hosts for the Event

Drew said...

The entire event was amazing and thank you so much to Claudia and the entire Wedding Library staff for all of the hard work. It was the best party of my life!

-The Groom

Anonymous said...

I attended this party as a guest and the whole evening flew by as a blur of vibrant colors, salsa music, fun people and memorable toasts. We didn't want to leave and were shocked when we saw how late it really was! What memories we have.
Great job, Claudia and hosts.

Claudia said...

Did I mention that I love these clients??