Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chateau de Massillan Eye Candy Part 3 of 3

Birgit Israel, owner of the Chateau and Babylon Design in Fulham Road, London, placed unique furniture and accessories in every room of the hotel. Locally sourced antiques are sumptuously upholstered and every piece of furniture perfectly placed. The color scheme is subtle and understated. I took pictures of the shades of lavender (matching the ubiquitous plant of Provence), Gustavian gray, pale peaches, greens and tans. They all blend seamlessly. I wanted to take a photo of every lamp and accessory, but I think you’ll get a sense from these. What a great inspiration for a wedding color scheme!
The simple and ornate balance perfectly in the light and airy hotel.
For those of you who love modern, the mid-century accents and a cool vibe to the interiors.
The international clientele is mostly European -- I met Dutch, French, British and German guests during my stay.
One of the loveliest rooms of the Chateau.
This indoor-outdoor room is open to the courtyard -- sumptuous!
Birgit's color sense is impeccable. This crushed velvet couch is in the most elegant shade of lavender.
Another purple couch in the reception area melds with the beautiful local stone floors and walls. (Who would guess I would fall head-over-heels with purple?)
An interior sitting room is quiet and refined.
The alternate reception room with fireplace would be a perfect after-party spot.
A final view of the gorgeous antiques, colors and styling in the Orangerie.

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