Tuesday, September 22, 2009

twobirds Bridesmaid at the Wedding Library!

We were impressed in 2007 when Ariane Goldman showed us her clever and pretty dress that can be worn 15 different ways. I don't know what took us so long to start carrying them!

Let me count the ways in which it's great: 1. One size fits all, need I say more. 2. Each of your bridesmaids can wear the dress in whatever way they feel comfortable -- and you've still only had to pick out ONE dress. 3. The colors are really pretty. 4. There are matching shawls and ties for your groomsmen -- genius! 5. The material is yummy. 6. The price is great, especially for 15 dresses in one! 7. The web site has mesmerizing video demonstrations on how to tie the dress. 8. NO alterations! 9. There's a clever bandeau that you can purchase separately for those of you who want more coverage. 10. They come in long, too. 11. They don't wrinkle easily. 12. You really can wear them again.... 13. The two birds on the web site are darling. 14. The dress really looks different when tied differently so you won't feel like you're wearing the same dress twice. 15. It's super clever.
4 more reasons it's great....
Here's one more reason -- we're having a twobirds Trunk Show and you'll get an extra 10% off an already great price!
Trunk Show dates: Friday and Saturday, September 25 & 26, 11-6pm. Make your appointment now with Kristen@theweddinglibrary.com or call us at 212.327.0100 Untamed Petals bloom accessories and Gerard Yosca jewels will be on hand!

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