Monday, December 14, 2009

Boys Bring Your Bow Ties!

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th of December, we're going to teach you how to tie a bow tie, pin a boutonniere and tuck a pocket square. Yes, check off these skills from your life list. And we're doing it in style.

Our great friends from Franklin + Gower make fabulous customized menswear that can only be found by the most discerning -- but will be bringing a preview of brand new styles to the Wedding Library to share with us tomorrow night. They were inspired with designs by the Thread Bridesmaid line, so you know they have great taste and will mix and match perfectly.We'll also have a chic representative from Tom Ford on Madison Avenue to give lessons on dressing well. And it was my idea to have a single malt on hand to make it all go a little smoother. Ladies, if your guy doesn't want to learn, then you be the superstar and come on by for a drink and a quick lesson. Let's bring in the new year with a new skill! (The dress above is Thread, the suit, Franklin + Gower)

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