Friday, February 12, 2010

Farewell Modern Bride, Elegant Bride

Antonia van der Meer is a friend of the Wedding Industry, and one of its best champions. All of us acutely feel the loss of Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, two publications that have showcased our work and where we turned for inspiration. Tony, who was at the helm of these two amazing publications, is our friend, mentor, and champion. We celebrated her career at a lovely dinner at the Russian Tea Room recently. Here are a couple of images from the event.
The menu card. The gold metallic bird plume that hung over the edge was just the right detail -- and such a great idea!
Maike Schulz photographed the attendees with a 100 year-old banquet camera and vintage flash bulbs. The technique uses a 10 foot tall wooden collapsing tripod, and produces this amazing result. What a great way to capture friends, colleagues (or your wedding guests!) Courtesy of Terry Gruber.


Jubilee Lau said...

Beautiful celebration. I too will miss these publications!

Karen Hill Photography said...

A very sad loss to the industry.

I wanted to add though, what an amazing group photo shot with a dinosaur of a camera. You don't see much shot with that any more.

Love your blog!