Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Favorites at the Wedding Party Palm Beach

Darcy Miller, Editorial Director, Martha Stewart Weddings
Jennifer and me after a long day!
The team from Marcia Mitchell Music
The Breakers Design Team
Darcy with well-coordinated guests!
The sold-out luncheon -- it was beautiful!
The ladies from Gifts for the Good Life and Arak Kanofsky Studios with their pretty table
Jennifer with handsome Jeff Fowler from the Breakers Events team
Lisa Hoffman Johnson and Candace Moore of Ceci New York
Just some of the Elan Artists team
From left to right: Mel Barlow, photographer; Jennifer Zabinski, Wedding Library; Josh Friedman, Elan Artists; me!; Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress; and Anna Davis of
Open Eye Media

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Kim said...

Beach weddings are undeniably something special.
The event leave everyone in awe. Mine was themed Weddings Thailand
and until now it still brings meaningful happy tears tears...
Advance happy hearts day!