Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedding Library Bridesmaids

We are proud to announce that Wedding Library Bridesmaids have entered the digital age! We've been busily, painstakingly, putting each of our dresses on line for easy reference and even for purchase! This is huge, because as we've discovered, we're the first to put these collections on line as a cohesive web destination. Little by little they'll all be there, but for now, check out the site. If you decide to purchase via the Internet, we'll even give you a 15% discount as a special gift for trying it out. (Until September 1).
If you want to share the url: it's www.theweddinglibrarystore.com

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous! My MOH is out of town so this will be a real convenience for when she needs to place her order.