Friday, October 29, 2010

Macaron Parlour in the House

Following in the great tradition of sweet tooths the world over, we love a good cookie, worship rich chocolate and adore the perfect macaron. Well the Macaron Parlour will be joining us on Thursday's Lela Rose party to bring Lela's favorite sweet to the table. But not just any sweet -- Macaron Parlour's goal is to expand the macaron palate to wild savory and frozen fillings. Favorites are s'mores, nutella, thai chili and tiramisu. You can take our word for it or come by the Wedding Library to try for yourself. Thursday, November 4, 6-8pm. RSVP
These beautiful cookies are doubly marvelous because they come is such a lovely array of colors.
Perfect for a bridal shower cookie display, don't you think?


AC said...

Who wouldn't love these adorable cookies? Right now my coffee seems lonely in comparison.

charles mayer said...

looks yummy

SUE HERMS said...


Headshots NYC said...

It looks delicious to eat those colorful and artistically done cookies. I love the small heart that they add on top of the pink cookies. It looks very tempting and yummy to the eyes.