Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brookyn Winery

I can't think of a better way to discover a new venue than by being invited to have dinner there with 30 friends. And it seems I just can't stay away from Williamsburg -- did you know that it's only 7 minutes from Manhattan (my GPS told me)? Anyway, the currently zen Josh Friedman of Elan Artists invited us to check out the Brooklyn Winery. Even though their own first wine press won't be ready for a few weeks, we delighted in the space, the music, the food, the atmosphere and the company. And I loved experiencing some new vendors whom I am delighted to share with you!
I couldn't have loved the floral designer Kathleen (Kat) Hyppolite more. I wanted to take her arrangements home but decided not to be one of those guests....
The mismatched and charming plates are from Props for Today, the favor was a bottle of delicious ginger syrup to make our own specialty cocktail at home. Sweet!
Our newest Wedding Librarian, Victoria Kasten, sips a specialty drink.
The details. The super-lovely waitresses were in theme, and that kind of discreet detail makes a party stand out. Perfect!
Told you I love floral designer Kat. We both polished off our delish desserts.
One of the many precious vignettes created by Kat and designer Jillian of 100 Layer Cake. Brava!
Faces behind the art. Jillian of 100 Layer Cake, wonderful Mel of Mel & Co. photography and Josh Friedman, impresario and leader of Elan Artists.
Some of the stylish musicians that Josh arranged. He brought in the Hot Sardines, Ambient Dulcimer (I'm crazily obsessed with Max), and the Freak Owls. Cool music, love the band names.
Ah, and the food. The ladies of Radish created a springtime feast that we loved. Family-style and beautifully presented, food that's fresh, simple and lovely beats fussy and over-prepared ever time. Thank you Laura and Amy!

Allan Zepeda, who has shot many events for me and shoots for Mel & Co., captured the evening perfectly. He makes every event more festive just by being there.


kat flower said...

thanks so much for the lovely post. it was a special evening and i was honored and delighted to be a part of it. xo

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Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie said...

Love all the little details!!