Friday, June 12, 2009

Stationery Week in Williamsburg

Our stationery week has come and gone, and we've compiled a few great images of some highlights of the weekend. We miss our Brooklyn Stationery Library already.
Taking down the stationery display.
A couple reviewing our stationery books.One of our cute displays.
Anna Beckman's incredible calligraphy, complete with vintage stamps.
A detail of Lisa Hoffman's Ceci NY display.A detail of a Wedding Library "Buzz" bee display.
Bird & Banner silk screens sweet sayings on vintage hankerchiefs.
Paloma's Nest will customize their ring dishes with your name, wedding date, or motto.

For the rock-and-roll,-Louis Vuitton-loving bride, we spread the good karma with a hot pink bible.
A couple learning origami for the charity-based Crane Project.
The lovely Crane Project display.
Customized gifts from Dabney Lee.
Our Pop Up logo on cocktail napkins -- we love the way they turned out! (It's a great idea to maximize custom art -- available at the Wedding Library).

Inspired Goodness provided many of the photographs here, and this amazing display and demonstration of customized wedding accessories.
Tinsel Trading's amazine cake toppers.
...favor boxes and ornaments
...and spun wire vintage bird's nest cake toppers!