Friday, August 27, 2010

Dog Days of Summer Party

Jennifer and I had the pleasure of hosting a end of summer cocktail party for wedding industry at the Roger Williams a couple of days ago. On a hot August afternoon I came up with the theme of "Dog Days". The name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, is responsible for the hot weather due to its close proximity to the sun at this time. We used the theme for the invite and asked our friends at Levy Lighting project the constellation on the hotel's massive limestone walls.
From left to right, me!, Jennifer and our friend Francesca Abbracciamento worked to bring the team (and theme!) of the event to fruition.
From left to right: Co-host/photographer Kathi Littwin took all these great images; co-host Ceci Johnson created the cool invite; me; Shalu Sharma brought the team together from The Roger; and co-host Francesca rallied us all the make it happen.
I love the cool space of the Roger, check out the guest rooms for your next room block; or the roof deck on a sunny day!
Lewis Miller of LMD designed the gorgeous flowers, and co-host Armani provided the Dolci!
See what I mean about dreamy?
Jason Fioto of Generation Events and the happiest DJ alive, spun tunes for us while drinks and bites were served by the Roger.
Levy Lighting provided their cool new interactive bar surface -- you touch the tabletop and roses (or any other image you like) spring up.
Wedding Library ladies Michelle and Allie keep track of guests!
Ira Levy with Francesca.
The invite. A great way to kick-off the fall season!

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