Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Great! Non-Wedding Press!

We've been following the brand new e-magazine of our stationery Ceci Johnson and are delighted that this week's is all about the Mandell School and the party we planned for them. My partner Jennifer orchestrated the event with a team of our amazing vendors. Olivier Cheng produced the Hudson Valley region menu, Stone Kelly opted for potted plant centerpieces with the decoupage pots decorated by the school children, and Elan Artists provided the keepsake photography.

Here's a hint of what you'll see in Ceci's new weekly style letter.
The invitation doubled as a hand crafted work of art and an invitation. With our great team, Jennifer hand delivered each box to ensure the coveted gift would reach each recipient.The school children created the amazing wrapping on recycled paper. Needless to say, the party had a great turn-out!
All images courtesy of CeciStyle.

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