Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Butterflies Galore

A client of mine will be getting her cake from her venue, and she is concerned about the in-house artistry as she'd like her design to be similar to this cover of Martha Stewart Weddings. I promised to decorate the cake personally if the in-house baker couldn't do it, but then I stumbled upon Wedding Star. I was planning to search out butterflies in different sizes and hues (or call my friends and Martha Stewart to find out how it was done). But now we don't have to!
Getting a cake with your venue is a great perk -- but often my clients are worried that the execution may not be exactly as they pictured it if they could choose their own baker. My advice is to show the in-house baker lots of pictures of what you're looking for. Look at their work and make sure they are up to the task. If not, adapt your design to suit their style. If you don't like their sugar bows, use real ribbon. If their sugar flowers are not delicate enough -- use real ones. And if all else fails, go simple and classic.
Kit by Wedding Star
Cute execution also shown by Wedding Star -- love the combination of sugar flowers and butterflies

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