Friday, September 26, 2008

Hotel Healdsburg

Perfect area for an outdoor wedding, don't you think?
Courtyard of the hotel, it evokes a modern piazza.
Delicate flowers in the gardens.
I love the juxtaposition of the natural, raw and luxurious.
A little installation I observed at the front desk.
Beautiful arrangements fit the color scheme perfectly.
The hotel lobby and great room where we had breakfast every day.

Jennifer and I whisked off with our husbands to San Francisco and Sonoma last week to taste local wines, brush up on some west coast wedding resources and enjoy California cuisine, landscape, sun and big skies. We find inspiration to bring to the weddings we plan wherever we go, and our stop in Healdsburg is no exception. A slip of a village with a positively European town square, we stayed at the Hotel Healdsburg -- a brilliant California creation. Tranquil, modern, earthy and luxurious, it's also co-owned by one of our favorite chefs, Charlie Palmer. An idyllic headquarters for a full weekend wedding, it's a destination locale without the Euro. If that's not in your future, the earthy palette, shades of olive and green, and oversize furniture is easily re-interpreted in NYC. Stay tuned to future blogs with our wine reviews, San Francisco Buzz and dinner at the famous MacMurray Ranch. (Buzz Bonus: Coincidentally, Palmer owns one of our favorite small wedding/rehearsal dinner spots in New York, Astra.)

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