Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Introducing Guest Blogger: Blade Floral and Event Designs

While working with Anne Kilcullen of Blade Floral and Event Designs on a wedding we discovered that she creates amazing "real life" inspiration boards to help bring her proposals to life. We are so impressed by how this helps her clients visualize how her wedding will look and feel. We've asked Anne to share some of these story boards with you, they are more than inspiration -- they are the foundation of the environments she creates. Check in for Anne's posts -- I know she'll inspire you too.

"I created Blade to use my love and passion for flowers and beautiful designs. I find inspiration in everything around me and use my years of experience to incorporate these everyday things into my work. I work closely with every bride to style the wedding of her dreams and I listen to her wish list to create these storyboards. The boards help the bride visualize my ideas for the design of the decor. It's so important to me that the personality of every bride comes through in the design." -- Anne

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