Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cheryl Kleinman Cakes

One of my favorite bakers does not have a web site. I send brides to her regularly, and they visit her bake shop on Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, and fall in love. It's easy to do. Cheryl also co-owns Betty Bakery with Ellen Baumwoll, and together they make yummy things. She's so busy baking, she doesn't have much time for web-site work. But the editors know all about her and feature her regularly. So you can find her cakes at places like the Brides web site. Make an appointment, it's worth it!

As a bride, working with Cheryl is especially fun. Here are the steps to a fabulous cake. First, make an appointment (by phone) 718.237.2271. Second, meet with Cheryl at the bakery, design a fabulous cake together. Then, go home and wait. Soon, a cake will arrive at your doorstep with the flavors you've chosen. It's a tasting cake! A present from Cheryl! The next step is a sugar high and when you recover you finalize your order. When your wedding day arrives, so does your fabulous cake. All photos courtesy of

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Kristina said...

I cannot wait to check out her bakery, I love finding hidden gems in the city. Her cakes are beautiful!