Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not Your Average Librarians

Meet Lindsay Bonamassa and Kristen Carnie. They are the ladies behind our amazing bridesmaids department. Lindsay, (left) is engaged and is the Director, Bridesmaids at the Wedding Library. She's planning a destination wedding (we think) and hasn't decided on a bridesmaid's dress yet. Lindsay has helped hundreds of brides find their perfect dresses, and has all the scoop on the new spring styles by our designers. Kristen is her fashionista Assistant, who loves everything wedding. She's worked in bridal and bridesmaid fashion for years, and brings her great experience to the Library.
LinkHere's the dynamic duo at the end of our Jim Hjelm trunk show, trying on a couple of new styles they really love, and pairing the gowns with our favorite Tejani jewels and Blue Tux shoes. Email or call to make an appointment with our librarians to find your best look: or call 212.327.0100.


Lindsay Bonamassa said...

Those are some foxy librarians if I don't say so myself!

Jennifer, a September '09 Bride said...

I was at the trunk show & worked with them both, they really know their stuff. I had no idea what was behind their sweet facades. Can't judge either a book or a librarian by it's cover! Great staff, great dresses.