Monday, November 10, 2008

Wedding Library Guide for the Classic New York Bride

Attention NYC brides! Are you a shopper? Do you consider yourself a a classic bride? Focused on the upper east side, this map notes all of our favorite haunts for registering, a dress-crawl, or venue search. Phone numbers and cross streets are included to make appointments easy. Laura Hooper, calligrapher extraordinaire, created this super map for our Guide.
(Click on the image for a closer look.)
The full Guide for the Bride is our ultra-useful mini-journal for getting the job done. Packed with listings for our favorite vendors and products, it's available at the Wedding Library. Best of all, it's complimentary. Pick one up for yourself and make it all a little easier.


Laura said...

Claudia, I am so excited to see the issue and the map! Thanks so much for including it on your post as well. I cannot wait to get my copy. Warmly,Laura :)

Susan said...

Maps are all the rage these days. I love Laura's style. Too bad I just got married, maybe it wold be good for my moving announcement as soon as we settle on our new apartment.