Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dauphine Press Maps

Linda (Wedding Library Stationery Director) and I are currently a little obsessed with maps. How to customize them, incorporate them, make them easy. We use Trish from Dauphine Press quite a bit in this category for their creative and original use of motifs and design. We are able to customize and incorporate our clients' ideas into their pieces, making an original and fun piece (or suite) every time. I noticed that even on their web site Dauphine shows many ways of adapting the same type of map. It's useful to see how a piece from a standard stationery book can be adapted to your personal taste and needs.
From the Voyage suite. The compass tells you you'll be traveling, but the "passport" information booklet lets you know it's going to be a fun trip.
An elegant and more formal way a map is incorporated. Shades of brown for the stock, ink and map make it classic.
The turquoise map hints at a fun and tropical party.
The nautical motif on the reply card reads very New England. Note how the blue ink looks different with the map background in a contrasting color versus the RSVP card where motif and text are the same color.
When your wedding is abroad, it sometimes helps to see the big picture, like this map of Spain.
Love acid greens and a mixture of fonts.
Cornflower and kona, Wedding Library colors, I will always gravitate towards it!
As a save-the-date information set a tri-fold provides lots of surface area for text.
The simple way the map cross over the "pages" creates interest.
This invitation looks very St. Barts to me. Color and text helps to define an event.

Remember, if you are having a destination wedding, simply compiling the information needed for your stationery will take a while. Start planning early so you have time to incorporate beautiful (and event-appropriate) design into your suite. Call Linda if you have questions or for an appointment. 212.327.0100 or email Happy mapping...

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