Monday, December 8, 2008


Placecards. Escort Cards. Gift tags. In room gift tags. Photo thank yous. Moo makes adorable business cards, gift cards and best-of-all mini cards. These diminutive cards come 100 to a pack. They are custom printed on one side with text, digital images or photos. So you can put 100 guest names on the cards, 100 photos, 100 images, etc. The reverse can have a special message from you. They have great colors and excellent fonts. All easily downloaded and inexpensive ($19.99). I recently uploaded 100 family photos and put a personal message on the back. I also made mini-stickers with the same images. Be creative, there is a way to incorporate this clever idea into your wedding!

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Denise said...

Hello, thank you so much for the write up, we're really pleased you liked your Stickers and Cards.

We're very lucky, our customers are really creative - and we like showing them off! If you're looking for more wedding ideas, we've collected some here: