Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fleurs in Brides Magazine

We love to see our members in print, and we are happy to reveal this hot-off-the-presses spread by one of our favorite floral designers. Jessy of Fleurs was asked to create three bridal bouquets, each with dahlias, for Brides Magazine. The catch is, they were to represent eco-chic, French vintage and rustic Americana.

Jessy told us "I liked using the different ribbons and accents to complete the look. For the eco-chic bouquet, I used kimono trimming. For French vintage, I used an antique cameo. And for the rustic bouquet, the hand dyed silk ribbons, in shades of fuschia, cranberry, orange and brown, really made this look organic. But glamorous of course!"

My favorite bouquet is the white with dark kona accents and bright green. I love the high contrast -- it makes the look very fresh. Dahlias are sturdy and happy flowers, available at their peak in the fall. There are tiny ones and "dinner plate" dahlias with giant, frilly, full faces. Kudos to Jessy! On newstands in New York at the end of February -- so this is a fun sneak-peek.

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