Monday, February 23, 2009

Oheka Castle and WellWed

More to follow on the WellWed event, but I wanted to say that other than our Wedding Library vendors on hand, some of our favorite activities and ideas at the bridal event on Saturday were generated by WellWed! A henna tattoo station, a cute candy bar back drop, the overall Indian theme and a lovely potpourri bar were spot on. Kudos to the ladies at WellWed for an event well produced!
Henna tattoos on site. Very haute boho.
Candy will always help to keep you going at a bridal event! There was a cocoa bar too for that added sugar buzz -- marshmallows on the side.
This looked beautiful; little cloth sacks were provided as well as essential oil drops for a DIY favor. All photos courtesy of Stacey Ilyse Photography (a wonderful photographer exhibiting at the event and a new Wedding Library member).