Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Photography Unveiled

I just received a copy of this new book by Photo District News Editor Jacqueline Tobin. It features 20 top wedding photographers and is equally insightful for brides and photographers. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon and will be released March 17. Photographers Liz Banfield, Philippe Cheng, Elizabeth Messina and Meg Smith number amongst my favorites and are all included.


Jose said...

cant wait to get my copy!!

jose villa

Anonymous said...

Check out stunning wedding images from top photographers around the country:
Chenin Boutwell, Amy Deputy, Parker J. Pfister, Ben Quillinan, Meg Smith, Liz Banfield, Mike Colòn, Jose Villa, Amanda Sudimack, Elizabeth Messina, Christian Oth, Philippe Cheng, Suzy Clement, The Marings, Kathi Littwin, Virginie Blachere, Jesse Leake, Meliss Mermin, Melanie Nashan and Shannon Ho.

Copeland Photography said...

This has the best of the best in wedding photography. Can't wait to get my copy!