Monday, April 6, 2009

Barbados Flavor

Jennifer and I were recently invited to Barbados by the Barbados Tourism Authority to experience first-hand all that the island has to offer brides and honeymooners. In 6 days we toured many of the destination properties, experienced the delicious island food, swam, sunned, experienced an outdoor concert and got to know long-time Bajans. We discovered that the flight is easy (direct in 5 hours), the people are super-gracious, the service accommodating and the weather, sea and sand -- magnificent.

What follows are a few snapshots of the island. This week I'll be featuring some of the highlights of our trip and sharing what we learned first-hand about weddings in Barbados. Enjoy!
Sugarcane is the main crop in Barbados. The landscape is sprinkled with old windmills built with beautiful local coral limestone found in many of the buildings.

"Rum Shops" abound on the island. Most rum shops sell local snacks or Bajan delicacies, along with rum drinks, and beer. These shops are small bars, often wooden structures and some are attached to homes.
Chattel houses like this one are often built on cinder blocks and are able to be simply de-constructed and moved as itinerant laborers needed. This one, in great disrepair, was so atmospheric I had to shoot it. The sign above the door says "Rest Villa".
From this viewpoint we had a great view of the island.
We went out on the water and I saw this bright lifeguard station. I love the contrast of the sea and sand against the cheery yellow.
And yes, we saw rays, turtles and plenty of fish.
We didn't catch him ourselves but we did have delicious red snapper that night.
The fruits and vegetables are delicious on the island -- there are many roadside stands like these from which to chose.
Our new friend John showed us a flying fish up close and seems to be related to quite a few locals we met on our trip.
Dominos seems to be a favorite game, and these gentlemen took it seriously.
This friendly crab poked his head out on the beach.Did I mention that Jennifer and I were lucky enough to have our families along? Here's Caio (left), Luca (right) and Jennifer's son Beckett (back). They had a magnificent time, as did we.

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