Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane is considered the premiere hotel on Barbados; as soon as we stepped out of our car the reasons became obvious. The hotel is impeccable. Lavish, serene, spotless and elegant, this is a hotel that can provide even the most discerning bride a five star experience.

There are several options for weekend events and weddings that would make for completely original experiences for your guests, too.
Weddings can take place on the beach or nearby on limestone patios.
The furnishings throughout have exquisite island style. These raspberry linen-covered plantation chairs are embroidered with the Sandy Lane logo.
L'Acajou is rated tops by Zagats, and I love the interior -- your decor is already complete!
A simple wedding set up.
The color combinations are genius! The black iron furniture is lightened with accents of raspberry, white and Sandy Lane pink -- a new favorite color combination.
The Monkey Bar is an option for a dinner or after-party. Green monkeys run wild on the island, but only you can monkey around in the bar.
The pool area across property creates a glossy, polished and completely different atmosphere than beach-side.
The waterfall lies below a large balcony ceremony or reception space.
The plantings and surroundings provide the perfect back-drop to any picture.
The interior courtyard of the main hotel.
Tiger Woods chose Sandy Lane's Country Club as the setting for his wedding. Need I say more?
The restaurant and bar overlook this view. Another perfect spot for a weekend wedding.

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Barbados Holidays said...

Whoa! that's a pretty nice wedding. Sandy Lane Hotel is a perfect location for weddings.