Thursday, October 30, 2008

Style Network Films Amy Atlas

The wonderful Amy Atlas, sweets stylist, spent yesterday afternoon with us creating the most extraordinary display you can imagine. She and I were being filmed for a Martha Stewart show called The Art of Cakes, 2, that will debut on the Style Network on December 16. Inspired by our lovely hand-screened Alan Campbell wallpaper, Amy and floral stylist Livia Cetti created the ultimate Wedding Library confection display.
Some of the "raw" materials being assembled for the filming and photo shoot. The little boxes slide open and are all handmade. The patterns and colors mimic our own.
When I saw this tray of supplies I knew I would love the end result.
A close up of the table where you can see the wallpaper inspiration. The display will be up for a month, come by the Library to see all the details for yourself.
Voila! Here's the full display with Livia's feathers and paper flowers in full view. Love the colors.
Here's Amy Atlas (left) with the Martha Stewart Producer, right before she goes "on camera".
The Italian wrapped candies coordinate beautifully with the macaroons, sugared almonds and chocolate truffles coated in almonds.
Here's a close up of the paper leaf accessory. Je t'aime.
The fleur de lis and feather mimic the pattern on the wallpaper. The tiny dots refer to the strings of "pearls" in the paper pattern. And something old, something sweet.
Look at how beautifully the colors of these chocolates go with the ensemble. I hope they last the month!


Kathryn said...

I love it! The framed silhouettes are a darling touch.

mimi said...

I love how she used the wallpaper as inspiration. it is not only beautiful ~ it looks yummy

Anonymous said...

The colors are so warm and inviting, the wallpaper makes for a gorgeous backdrop!