Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Photographer Gets Married!

On Sunday I had the immense pleasure of being a guest at my good friend and Wedding Library Photographer's wedding, Karen Hill. She shot my own wedding 14 years ago, and my family and I had the privilege of attending her beautiful wedding in return. I suppose with shooting weddings for almost 20 years she learned a thing or two about design because it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Karen and Frank did all the work themselves -- and when I say all, I mean it. They made the flower arrangements, printed the stationery, styled the accessories and made the boutonnieres. Frank even provided the recipes for the delicious dinner! There were at least 6 (superb) professional photographers and filmmakers in attendance, so expect to see great images in a bridal magazine in the near future. For now, here are my best shots and some great ideas for talented do-it-yourselfers!
The happy couple in front of the historic Brewster House, the reception site. Karen made her bouquet from hydrangeas and bird feathers. Note the charming garland above the door and the bird silhouettes in the window.
Had to get this in there, my boys were ring bearers. They performed admirably.
Frank's little willow tree served as the escort card holder -- each hand stamped card was held to the tree with little clothes pins.
Programs and bird seed packets displayed next to vintage bird houses on their property, where the ceremony was held.
Home made and delicious cupcakes baked by the Maid of Honor, topped with chocolate birds.
The Brewster House held guests at banquet tables for 10, each table different and equally charming and detailed.
Antique glass flasks, silver containers and vases filled with flowers further personalized the event.
Glass containers held feather birds on twigs -- a great focal point at the tables.
The hand-printed menus were tied with grosgrain and satin, topped with a pussy willow sprig.
I loved the level of attention to detail. These little shakers were so cute on the hand printed butcher block paper that was laid over the linens.
A china cabinet at the reception entry was styled with framed images, books, birds' nests and flowers.
Frank and Karen's initials at the guest book table. Note the sweet lovebirds in their nest.
Karen fell in love with this artists' fanciful photographs collaged with birds' heads. A great way to incorporate the theme and personalize the event at the same time.


linda said...

What a fabulous wedding! It seems so personal & intimate. Congratulations to the happy love birds. I hope they went someplace restfull for their honeymoon. I cannot imagine how many hours they put into the preparation .

Kathryn said...

I love how whimsical and romantic this is - and I never get tired of the bird motif. It's always lovely!

intern said...

Every detail is to die for. Congrats to Karen! She is such an amazing artist.

jennyalto said...

Congrats Karen! What a beeeeeauuuuutiful wedding!