Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're in Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2008!

We've gotten so many calls for these dresses since they were featured in the current Martha Stewart! It's our favorite "in" color and we love it with the red accents! The middle (long) gown is Thread and the middle right gown with the halter is by lovely Lynn Lugo. Buzz Bonus: Thread is offering a 10% discount for orders completed by October 31 and Lynn Lugo is offering $45 off each dress for orders of 3 or more placed by November 30.

Thread dress shown is the "Anna" in chiffon duchess, color Lotus. Lynn Lugo dress is the "Ann" in Eastern Silk Charmeuse, color Lilac. Note: both dresses are offered in tea and full lengths!

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Ania said...

Hi I recently picked up this issue and I guess I am on the same band wagon of trying to locate these styles and colors for my 7/09 wedding!

Could you share any information on the brand of red pumps shown beneath the pencil style "Katia by Jenny Yoo?