Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Creative (Edge) Tasting

When long-time friend Angie Nevarez, Director of Weddings at Creative Edge, invited me to a private tasting to check out their current menu, I couldn't accept the invitation fast enough.  Wonderful company, great food, a pristine atmosphere, attentive service, customized menu -- all in the name of diligent party-planner "homework", how could I refuse?!

The food was a delight to the eye (note all the fab serving ware), perfectly bite-sized and delicious.  When a caterer does it right, it's so, so good.  Enjoy!
We arrived to their West Village kitchen and office to this beautiful table
Creative Edge's menus are the best around -- great photos and a clear lay-out let you know what you're options are
Even the flowers coordinate in their pristine space

The Creative Edge motif is the egg, a solid display egg was replaced with this crab filled, hollowed out egg

We could add notes to each item we tasted, all I wrote was "yum", "double yum" and "yowza"
Curried vermicelli and Vietnamese basil in rice paper
Filet mignon on bruschetta with red wine mayonnaise and carmelized shallots

Tiny fish taco with grilled mahi, chunky chipotle mayo on a bed of black beans (the beans help them stand!)

Hazelnut grapes, cucumbers, extra virgin olive oil and chives

Artichoke fondue with oregano-pine nut puff
My favorite, Hamptons Succotash tart with Long Island corn, lima beans, yellow tomato marmalade
A prosciutto BLT -- what would you brand on your toast? (customization available)
Just to give you a sense of how bite-size it is!
Tipsy Vegetable Terrine with pickled carrot, pencil asparagus, roasted red pepper
Our first course was a quail egg with jumbo asparagus, spring leek terrine and meyer lemon vinaigrette
And then the delicious steak -- at this point it was hard to eat more....
...but we somehow found room for the Bourbon Butter Pecan Milkshake
And cake truffles...
And Pie Pops
The Chocolate Caramel Tartlets were delicious, but by this time we were delirious and on a food high
As we were getting ready to leave we caught a glimpse of a Creative Edge truck getting ready to deliver these delicious treats to some lucky clients....


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