Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinhole Press Weddings

I am a big fan of mixing printing styles, suites and even printers for my clients. I think it's infinitely more chic to mix and match your wedding papers than to be too matchy-matchy. It also is a great cost-saving tip to "go digital" on some of your less vital stationery pieces, while still staying "on message".

However, as we are retailers of some of the most luxurious stationery lines around, I am not so thrilled with the flimsy and poor offset printing that is prevailing out there in the digital world. Pinhole Press is different. I even print my Christmas cards through them (retail)! And now they've come out with a digital wedding line that is positively clever. Great for mini photo albums, stickers, and even accommodation cards, I can attest to the high stock quality and great reproduction of images.
Another great find for stickers, especially, is My Own Labels.  I use them often for gift bags and hang tags.
 Just remember, your wedding invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, and a keepsake you'll want to treasure forever.  So mix and match, but splurge on the big pieces!


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