Thursday, May 10, 2012

Library Benefit Design

Ah, designing on a dime. This particular event was a challenge. How to design a dinner for 130 in a (very) formal Great Room of a home that was not yet complete? Days before the event a half-ton chandelier was being hoisted and scores of workers were still gold-leafing the acres of trim on the rooms. Construction dust was being cleared and imported french lace curtains were being hung. No artwork, no furniture, and (until the last minute), no bathroom fixtures.

My task? Create a super elegant dinner atmosphere that highlighted the incredible architecture of this magnificent mansion. With a tiny budget. My approach? Keep it simple. Our budget would have been spent on one centerpiece to do justice to this home. So flowers were out. With no furniture, no artwork and million-dollar views, I wanted the space to speak for itself. White linens (to the floor, please), beautiful white china and crisp white napkins. Simple ballroom chairs, and a floor plan that keeps everyone in one room, as cozy as possible. Super cool music. And candlelight. I sourced 10 simple glass candlesticks and 5 votive holders per table -- 15 points of light multiplied is just beautiful. I created a "floating", ethereal and flattering atmosphere for everyone.

The food, the music and the conversation made the event, but I couldn't resist putting perfect phalaenopsis blossoms on each table -- no party is ever really complete without at least a few flowers.
Image transformed by Instagram -- try it!
The gorgeous Bella Figura invitation that set the tone


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Jessica said...

Beautiful table decor!

Wedding Style said...

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