Friday, May 4, 2012

The Printery, Oyster Bay

Tidy it's not. Fascinating it definitely is.  For over a decade I've seen the work from, and heard tell of The Printery, in my childhood town of Oyster Bay, Long Island.  Finally I happened to be visiting the town and sought out the ancient building to see for myself.  I was greeted by proprietor William Miller, who gave me the full tour of this fascinating business and it's building.  The site of the printery was the original location for the local newspaper, first printed over a hundred years ago.  The wavy floorboards and original printing presses along with the piles of old invitations and stock makes you feel like you're taking a step back into history.
The sign out front gives promise to the riches inside
A workspace, overflowing with inspiration
Engraved samples are styled by color-way, with beautiful, original motifs.
I love the colors, monograms and floral designs
A love a work space where you know something wonderful is happening
In the new space, boards showcase beautiful suites
The Printery has a strong celebrity and social clientele
This photo, captured many years ago is of the great-grandchildren of the current owner -- beautiful!
Just a small part of the letterpress plates on display


Wedding Library said...

Just a note: the pictures of the kids are the grandchildren of the founder, not the current owner!

Anonymous said...

The photo was well taken..Its looking very nice and different compared to others…

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vencanice nis said...

Fantastic invitations. Perfect for some wedding!